Our Goals


Give Back to Healthcare Workers

Gifts of Gratitude would provide a way for healthcare workers to receive the appreciation they deserve for keeping our community safe and healthy.

Image by Anna Sullivan

Support Local Businesses:

 Gifts of Gratitude financially supports local businesses through the purchase of gift cards and products to include in Gratitude Packages.


Help The Community Make An Impact

Gifts of Gratitude gives Santa Barbara community members a concrete way to connect and give back to their community in this time of uncertainty.

About Us

Gifts of Gratitude was established by Voices of the Community in July of 2020 to help support local businesses and give back to healthcare workers by providing Gratitude Packages featuring products from local businesses​. The first gift packages will be delivered September of 2020.

Voices of the Community is a student-led organization at Dos Pueblos High School that seeks to stand up for the underrepresented voices both in our community and in our society. We are a newly established organization, founded in May 2019, with the aim to help, be involved in, and give back to the community; whether it be raising money for a cause, organizing events, or volunteering our time. Our core belief is that every person of every background should be heard and considered; our team is devoted to celebrating each of those voices, starting in our own community.